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DH Industries Ltd is the UK division of Pamasol Willi Mäder, the Swiss producers of the best machines for aerosol and spray systems in the world.


We design, supply and commission equipment for producing all types of spray package from laboratory and small scale plant to fully automatic high speed aerosol  production lines capable of filling at rates of up to 400-500 cans per minute.


Aerosols and spray systems are basically methods of packaging and dispensing products. These can comprise liquids, suspensions, coatings, powders, foams, gels, creams and pastes produced by a variety of industries from toiletry, cosmetic and perfumery, paint and technical to pharmaceutical.


A ‘standard’ aerosol pack comprises a can, valve, actuator nozzle and cap. The can is filled with product, the valve inserted and crimped in place whilst evacuating the can and the propellant filled through the valve.


The aerosol is then coded, checkweiged, pressure and leak tested before the actuator / cap is placed prior to packaging.


This involves ten operations to create a standard aerosol. Special aerosols need further operations.


Pump sprays require physical effort to work but aerosol products use propellants which do more than eject the contents. The propellant can create a fine mist by expanding and dispersing droplets, useful in toiletries, room sprays and paints; it can expand slowly to form a foam or it can distribute powders in a form to deposit on a surface or transport them in breathable form to reach an organ.


There are several different propellant systems available. Since CFC’s were phased out from the early 1970’s, alternative propellants have been adopted to maintain the advantages of aerosols over other packaging and dispensing systems. These range from air and other compressed gases to a variety of liquefied hydrocarbon propellants. They all require differing technology and filling methods. DH has a wealth of experience of specifying, manufacturing and supplying equipment for all types of propellant filling and handling system and has been a world leader in establishing safety standards for handling flammable propellants.


We will evaluate your product and advise on the best way to produce it - so come to DH for a confidential comprehensive service.