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You can obtain all the pump types that you use in the various performance ranges for product, vacuum and propellant directly from us. In the case of third-party products, we work together with the best qualified pump suppliers.

Pumps and Filters

Product Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Propellant Pumps


Desodorisation Units


2008/100 - Propellant Pump

2008/101 - Propellant Pump

2054/002 - Propellant Pump

2087/100 - Lobe Pump

2089 - Diaphragm Pump

2301 - Vacuum Pump

P12047/12 - Vacuum Pump

X2087-0002 - Double Diaphragm

2008/200 - Filter Unit

2060 - Desodorisation Unit

Propellant Pump


The propellant pump is especially suitable for bringing liquified propellants with a low boiling point to a high pressure. All standard liquified propellants such as propane/butane, DME, HFA etc. can be transported with this pump.

Diaphragm Pump


The Pamasol diaphragm pump has been developed to fill suspensions with HFA 134a or HFA 227. Three sizes are available.