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Machinery for Aerosols - Automatic Indexing

Automatic Indexing machines can process all types of containers with their corresponding valves. Their modular construction allows a combination of individual head units to be grouped around a starwheel to suit your production requirements. Changeover times between size and type of product are exceptionally short because all adjustments can be made and guides manually exchanged by the operator without using tools.

The range of the automatic filling machines comprises the standard Macromat 2045/014 and the extended Macromat LB20 version. In order to increase performance, you can extend both machine types into a double production line. Cans and valves are automatically fed to the Macromat by sorters and feeders designed for the range of components used.

Output speed is determined by the slowest operation because the Macromat indexes after the fiiing cycle is completed. This can be optimised by specifying the right combination of filling units up to a maximum of 50 cans per minute.

Macromats have a reputation for reliable production on demand and enable storage of filled stock to be kept to a minimum.

Automatic Filling and Closing

Macromat 2045/100

Automatic line for filling and closing aerosol containers with 1" and 20 mm opening.

- Quick changeover

- 18-pitch starwheel

- Pneumatic control

- Possibility of upgrading to a double line

Macromat LB20

Automatic line for filling and closing aerosol containers with 1" and 20 mm opening.

- Quick changeover

- Low bed construction

- 20-pitch starwheel

- Electric or pneumatic control

- Possibility of upgrading to a double line

Indexing Unit

Indexing unit to handle bag-on-valves.
- 12 pitch star wheel
- Drive: servo motor
- Capacity: 40 - 45 containers per minute Valve

Machinery for Aerosols - Automatic Rotary

The range of Centomat rotary machines is designed to efficiently produce Aerosols of larger batch sizes at at higher speeds. Each rotary station comprises a number of modular units mounted around a turret, typically between 4 and 27 heads, depending on the production speed required. Stations for each operation of the filling process are arranged to form a production line, either linked by a conveyor system or combined as monoblocs. Advanced technology and sophisticated control and monitoring systems provide a high degree of quality and reliability.

Due to their modular costruction, turrets and monoblocs can also be integrated into an existing aerosol filling line to improve its capability and efficiency..

Output speeds from 50 to 500 cans per minute, depending on type of Aerosol, fill proportions and configuration of line.

1: Propellant Filling Station
2: Monobloc with Product Filler, Valve Inserter and Crimper

Automatic Indexing

Macromat Standard 2045/014
and Macromat LB20

Outfit according to customers requirements, e.g.
- Ball Inserter
- Product Filler
- Valve Inserter
- Crimper
- Propellant Filler
Capacity: 40 - 60 units/min

Macromat Standard 2045/014
and Macromat LB20, double line

Outfit as Macromat
Capacity: 80 - 120 units/min

Indexing Units
Outfit according to customers requirements, to meet the corresponding technical demands, on one or several Indexing Units

Automatic Rotary

Product Filling Stations

Crimping Stations

Propellant Filling Stations

Shaker Filling Stations

Capacity: up to 500 units/mi


2045/100 - Macromat

2045 LB20 - Macromat

2055 - Bag-on-Valve Indexing

2023-100 - Indexing Unit Pneumatic

2023-100 - Indexing Unit Electric