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Machinery for Aerosols - Single Stations

Semi-automatic filling and sealing machines are best suited for use in small production runs with a daily production of up to 5,000 containers, or in the larger research and development departments of aerosol and component manufacturers. Thanks to the modular construction of the machines, the values obtained in research can be used to calculate production performance.

A manually-operated laboratory installation is an essential component in the aerosol development process.

All types of machine can be supplied as single stations; standard aerosol, compressed air & gas propelled, bag on valve, gel, foam etc.

Product Filler


Fills metered liquids into different open types of aerosol containers. Capacity: 500 - 700 containers per hour

Additional Product Fillers
- Product Filler through the valve
- Gel Mixing Filler

- Recirculating Systems for products which can settle out of suspension



Seals tinplate or aluminium valves on to aerosol containers, glass bottles or special packages made of synthetic material. Capacity: 500 - 700 containers per hour

Additional Equipment

- Extensive range of crimp heads for specific applications

- Handoperated and semi-automatic Crimpers

- Vacuum Crimper

- Undercup Crimper

Propellant Filler


Fills the propellant into aerosol containers through the crimped valve quickly and precisely in one work cycle.

Capacity: 500 - 700 containers per hour

Additional Propellant Fillers

- Diaphragm Fillers

- Dual Cycle Fillers
- Aspirator Fillers
- Compressed Gas Fillers

Laboratory Plant


Consisting of: Crimper and Propellant Filler.

Hand operated - no power connection required

Capacity: 25 - 50 containers per hour

Small Scale Production Plant


Consisting of: Crimper and Propellant Filler.


One operator crimps and fills propellant simultaneously.

Capacity: 500 - 700 containers per hour

Additional Single Units

- Propellant Filler for Two-chamber containers
- Air Blast Cleaner
- Purger
- Valve Remover

Product Fillers
With volume dosing system
- For low or high viscosity liquids
- For aggressive media

To crimp
- 1"-valves (with or without vacuum)
- Valves of different diameters onto glass bottles or special packages

Propellant Fillers
- For liquid gases & compressed gases

Small-Scale Production Machines and Laboratory Plants
Simultaneous sealing & filling of gas
- Semi-pneumatic & handoperated