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Machinery for Aerosols - Testing & Safety Equipment

In the aerosol industry, safety is an extremely important topic. The safety requirements for filling and transporting aerosols are based on very high standards. This ensures that defective packaging cannot get into normal sales channels or be used by end consumers.

Explosion Proof Gas Filling Room

DH Industries Limited has a free-standing gassing room that is used to fill flammable gases.

The safety system fulfils the highest technological requirements and complies with the recommendations of the European Aerosol Federation, FEA.

Water Baths

Legislation requires that filled aerosol containers are tested to ensure that they have no leaks and that they are pressure resistant. There are various testing methods but the most commonly used method is to submerge the filled containers in a bath of hot water. Water baths are available in different sizes for this fully comprehensive testing method.

361L, 2029

For laboratories and small production.

Eco 50 - 500

For the automatic production. Capacity: 50 - 500 containers/min

Eco Pharma

Exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry.

Magnetic Water Bath MWB

for tin plate containers Capacity: up to 600 containers/min

Leak Detector

To ensure that only pressure-resistant and safe pressurised packaging is sold on the market, alternative testing methods can also be used before and after filling. One of these methods involves a leak detector after the container has been filled. The aerosol containers (only monobloc) are tested for leaks around the valve and the neck. Various performance ranges are available.


Capacity: 50 containers/min

Gassing Rooms
With integrated Propellant Fillers
- On Indexing Units
- On Rotary Systems

- Handwaterbath for laboratory
- Handwaterbath for small
production scale

up to 6000 units per day
- Automatic Waterbath Capacity:

up to 500 units/min

Leak Detectors
- Individual machines
- On Indexing Units

up to 50 units/min
- On Rotary Stations Capacity:

up to 250 units/min


LPG Filling Room

0361L - Manual Water Bath

2029 - Manual Water Bath

Economic 50 - Water Bath

Economic 90/120 - Water Bath

Economic 150-250 - Water Bath

Magnetic Water Bath

Eco Pharma - Water Bath

2017/200 - Leak Detector

2018/006-063-009 - Leak Detector

2065 - Leak Detector

2065/100 - Leak Detector

2300 - Inspection Machine