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Machinery for Aerosols - Sorting, Feeding & Placing

The trend towards increasingly complex automation in the aerosol sector continues unabated. As the customer, you profit from an extensive selection of all the necessary sorting, feeding and placing machines in all performance ranges. Machines with the same design concept give you a guarantee for the smooth running of your production.


1: Sprayhead Inserter for automatic production
2: Capper with Sorter for automatic production
3: Valve Sorter for 1" valves, tinplate
4: Cap Sorter with horizontal rotating disc, pickup of caps by vacuum wheel


Sorter for bottles & small containers up to Ø 22 mm


Valve Sorters & Valve Inserters for:
- 1" valves with or without dip tubes
- Valves of different diameters
- Cooking Gas valves
- Screw pumps


Sprayhead Sorters & Sprayhead Inserters for large & small sprayheads


Cap Sorters & Cap Inserters for caps and covers up to Ø 66 mm
- Option: Cap & can orientation




2037/012 - Valve Inserter

2047/010 - Valve Inserter

2058 - Valve Inserter


2025/004 - Spray Head Inserter

2025-600 - Spray Head Sorter

2071 - Spray Head Inserter


2033/032 - Capper & Cap Sorter

2033-200 - Cap Sorter

2046-200/001 - Cap Sorter

2095-001 - Capper

2095-005 - Capper & Orientation