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Machinery for Aerosols - Measuring Devices

Reliable and precise measuring instruments for all applications in the processing of aerosols are an indispensable aid for quality control.

Test Glass


Test glass for optical checks of aerosols.

- For containers with 1” valves
- Nominal volume: 100 ml
- Graduation: 0 – 80 ml
- Recommended operating pressure: 6 bar

Specification of container

Z 19250

Measuring device to check the height of the 1" aperture of aerosol containers.



Gauge to measure the crimp height on aerosol containers with opening: 13, 15, 17, 18 or 20 mm.
- Also for MDIs


Z 18612

Gauge to measure the crimp height and crimp diameter on aerosol containers with a crimp seal of 1".
- Set of two gauges

Pressure and vacuum


Gauge to measure the internal pressure of standard aerosol containers as well as of two-chamber systems.

Pressure and vacuum

Z 18699

Gauge to measure the internal pressure of standard aerosol containers.



Gauge to measure the vacuum in aerosol containers.
- Measuring range: 0 – -1.0 bar

Burst Pressure of empty containers


The Burst Pressure Tester is designed to determine deformation and bursting pressure of aerosol containers with 1" opening.

Various testing devices for:
- Specification of containers
- Crimping
- Pressure and vacuum
- Burst pressure of empty containers


0200/002 - Test Glass

0210 - Torque Tester

0325/100 - Burst Pressure Tester

0700 - Pressure Test Gauge

0700/007 - Vacuum Test Gauge

0710 - Pressure Test Gauge

0720 - Pressure Test Gauge

0720/131 - Pressure Gauge

X0700-0001 - Pressure Gauge

Z18611 - Contact Height Gauge

Z18612 - Crimp Gauge

Z18696 - Crimp Gauge

Z16697 - Can Parallelism Gauge

220/220 - Crimp Height Gauge

Z19250 - Aperture Gauge